Thursday, August 03, 2006

Today marks the last day I will be stuck in the house waiting for someone.
In about a half hour the insurance adjuster will be here to asses the damage, then I will be free for awhile.
I also realized I need to get out from behind this computer, and start getting ready for liv.
here is a list of things I want to do before she comes home.
1. Learn some Spanish. I did know more than Vinay, (I think he was speaking some sort of French) but we were still struggling.
2. Start lifting some weights and build up my arm muscles. By the end of the day my arms would be shaking from holding Olivia, and she was only 8 pounds then. I am so out of shape, maybe I'll start working out but I doubt it.
3. Finish her scrapbook. I started it, I just need to keep updating it with pictures that they send.
4. Organize the garage, It's too hot for this now but maybe if the heat breaks.
We'll see if I can do these few things in the next few weeks,

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