Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today's word "martes"

"martes" = Tuesday
Well this week I'm not only missing Olivia but also Vinay. Lucky him he is in LA working and I am left here to wait. But I had some things to take care of so I couldn't join him.
The rooms are finally all painted, and today I went to look at carpet. So hopefully by next week her room will be all done and I can start decorating!!!!!!!!!

I spoke to my case worker yesterday. I had some questions, so I called her. I was wondering if my case would have been issued a previo, would it have happened by now. She said not necessarily. Because Mr. PGN can also issue a previo. She said what might be going on is that my case is just sitting somewhere. Boy do I wish those papers had a GPS tracking device on them. She did say that everyday my lawyers rep goes to the PGN office and asks if any of her cases are out. It's nice to know that everyday someone is checking.

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