Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today's word is "pájaro"

"pÃjaro" = bird
I finally started nesting. It just started today. I cleaned out 2 closets, wiped down the entire kitchen,vacuumedd the house, even using the attachments. Then I painted the wood letters for her room, finished her scrapbook and finally finished the rest of my thank yous!!!!!!!!!

On the forums we were expecting to see so many outs today, and there were barely any. I did see one that got out and the date they entered was the same day as ours. I just held my breath for a moment, and then tried to remember that there is no rhyme or reason to PGN. He might be signing off on cases that entered around my date, but that might not mean we come out. Mr PGN himself can issue a previo, or the case can sit on his desk for months. One never knows.
Remember adoption is like a pregnancy with no due date.

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Tricia said...


Your sweet Liv is such a doll! What a beauty! I just found your blog & I've really enjoyed it!

Stay strong! We are pulling for you in Virginia! May Mr PGN, Senor Barrios, free your sweet baby girl TODAY!