Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Today's word is "prometer"

"prometer" = promise
Instead of me just complaining about PGN, I thought I would write down a few promises to Olivia for the future.
I promise to let you wear your hair however you want. Even if it's pink and spiked.
I promise to let you try out for the football team, even if I want you to take ballet.
I promise to kiss you good night everynight.
I promise to keep all your secrets. I won't even tell Daddy.
I promise to let you go out of state for college, even if the thought of it makes me cry now when it's 18 years away.
I promise to be involved in your school, but not too involved.
I promise to let you dream as big and as wild as you can. I will always be there to cheer you on.
I promise to love you forever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

pink, spiky hair on the football team???? I will help you to keep that "prometer"

Love, Chris