Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Our Handyman saves the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am currently sitting here cool as a cucumber. Here's what happened today.

PSE&G came at 7:50 this morning. I had just gotten up and answered the door with one eye open. I showed him the damage in the wall, told him we put flooring down, and he said good and went to go up. I hadn't even started the coffee pot and he was down in the kitchen with his tools. He said that the flooring in the attic was not secure, and that he had to climb over a beam to get to that side of the attic. I just stared dumbfounded, was this a bad dream. He said "sorry miss this is just our policy" "Get some secure flooring and we'll come back". I tried to explain the situation to him, told him the story the days of waiting, the sweating, and worst of all the damage. He said he sympathized but it's company policy. I showed him the door, and had to lay back down. I was scared to call Vinay. I really thought he might have a meltdown. At 8:45 Vinay called I explained what happened, he wanted me to call them back and tell them off. I didn't have the energy. I said our handyman is coming in an hour we'll see what he can do. I mean how many times can we call PSE&G.
So our handyman, Melvin, showed up at 10 located the leak, fixed the fan in the attic, finished the work on the deck all by 12:00pm.
The air conditioner pvc pipe had come loose, all melvin had to do was glue the pipe joint so it was sealed and no more leaks. Days of sweating and them coming back and forth, and the problem could have been fixed in 10min.
But at least it's over, and we can now focus on fixing the room and getting it ready for Liv.

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Alleen said...

Hi. I found your site through someone else's. We too are adopting our angel in Guatemala. Tomorrow marks 6 weeks in PGN for us, so I understand your anxiety. Good luck!