Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today's word "ocupada"

"ocupada" = occupied

"Look Olivia someone is sitting in your highchair, don't you want to come home and use it." Yea that will work to get her home faster.

Here is a picture of Emily, My friend Chris's daughter, one of the many playmates waiting for Olivia to come home. Chris and Emily have been helping me to stay "Ocupada" these last few weeks. Thanks girls!!!!!!!!!!

Today I can't get on any of the forums so I am feeling a little disconnected. I finally figured out an analogy for what this PGN wait is like. Imagine something you want more than anything, Imagine you've waited your whole life for it, and you've tried to get it for the last 2 years. Finally someone says OK you can have it. But first we are going to put your name and # on a ping pong ball, now we are going to put your ball in one of those spinning bingo cages. There are 400 other balls in that cage and were just going to keep spinning the cage and drawing out balls. Some days will draw out 10 balls, other days maybe 20, some days no balls will come out. Oh and here is the catch we'll also be adding in more balls everyday. Good luck, and we'll call you when your ball comes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is this wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Wednesday

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