Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today word is "perro "

"Perro"= dog
I had a really cute picture of Parker to post but blooger would not let me post the picture. It is of him in a princess crown that my Mom bought for Olivia. I had to bribe him to keep it on long enough to take the picture. That dog cracks me up. He is always happy to see us even in the am when he is tired. If you are crying he will come and lick your tears, and he loves to cuddle. But I worry about him when Liv comes home. He has been the baby for so long, and now he will have to share the spotlight. I just hope he behaves around her. Vinay says I have to let him check her out even if it means licking her. EEEEWWWWWW.
There was some movement in PGN today. I saw a few outs, even one from my agency who went in the same day as us. That took my breath away. I know that there are so many people who went in before me who need to get out and I do pray for them, but the selfish part of me is hoping to get the call. Why can't we just all get out. Problem in PGN solved, everyone gets out and all the babies get to come home. There that was easy. Maybe Mr PGN needs a consultant. I should apply. So for now there is nothing to do but wait. So I wait and eat a bag of cheetos.

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