Thursday, August 10, 2006

Today's word "agradecido"

"Agradecido"= thankful
Yes after all the complaining in yesterdays blog I thought I would post all that I am thankful for.
1. Scotland Yard. They foiled the latest terror plot against the western world. They arrested 20 or so suspects and they are on top of their game. You go Tony Blair. As a wife who's husband travels all the time, I am especially thankful that they stopped these people.
2. The strong women in my life. My Mother and Vinay's Mom are the two strongest people I know. I can always count on them, and they love us unconditionally.
3. My fabulous husband, although I complain that he plays golf too much, and he hogs the remote. He is still the most wonderful man I every met. He is so supportive of every crazy idea I have. He loves the whole me even the bad selfish parts I don't let anyone see. And he will make a great father. For a guy who never changed a diaper in his life, he jumped right in an took such good care of Liv on our trip. I'm so proud of you honey!!!!!!!!
4. My precious daughter. Although we might be apart for now. I am thankful that she is healthy, safe and well taken care of. I am so lucky that God brought her into our life. Here is my favorite picture of Daddy and his girl.


Alleen said...

That picture is just priceless! It's the coolest thing to see that bond between daddy and his daughter, isn't it??

I too am thankful they stopped this horrific plot before anything happened.

Carrie said...

Hi Nikki,

Yes, we do have a lot to be "agradecido" for. Some days it is hard to remember that (I ask "por que" all the time too, as we wait for our daughter). We have family and friends and wonderfully daughters who are coming home and the world is safer today because of excellent intelligence.

Love the picture of Daddy and his girl. My hubby is the same way--never changed a diaper before and jumped right into fatherhood and is awesome!

I really enjoy your blog!

All the best,