Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today's word is "Venga"

Venga = come here
"Venga Parker, Venga Parker". That is what I was yelling to Parker who would not get out of the picture. But he's a cutie so who cares if he can't understand Spanish yet. This is what Parker has been doing since we brought my shower gifts home. He just sits and stares at all the gifts. I know there are a few stuffed animals he has his eye on. So why haven't I put all this stuff away yet. 1. I am writing out the thank yous and it's easier to just go box by box and 2. Liv's room still is not painted. I am so disorganized. I hope to finish the thank yous today and start unpacking.


The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey guys - we do not know each other but I wanted to say that I am saying prayers for your family. How neat to have all of those great gifts! Girls are so fun to dress!
Thanks so much for sharing our blog with us and we are going to enjoy yours as well! Your baby is gorgeous!!

nikki said...

Thanks Julia,
Your prayers are greatly appreciated.