Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today's word "Por que`"

Today's word is "why" = "Por que`" That is what I keep asking myself today. Why does this have to take so long? Why can't Olivia just come home? Why does this have to be so hard? This week is especially difficult because we were suppose to be visiting with her all week. If we were allowed to go down. Why can't we just go when we want? I keep thinking if we were in Guatemala, we would be at the pool right now. or she would be taking her nap right now. Of course this is bad for me mentally, But it's just me whinnying. It's whinny Wednesday. My biggest whine this week is that very few cases have come out of PGN in the last week. Why Mr PGN why? Why can't you just sign? How hard is it to just put your pen to paper and just scribble your name? It's just so discouraging to see all these cases stuck. Don't you want to clear your desk. JUST SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why Mr. PGN por que`?

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