Monday, August 07, 2006

Today's word "Muchas gracias eres muy amable"

Muchas Gracias eres muy amable, thank you very much you are very kind to everyone who came to my shower. Everyone was so generous, and Olivia got so many nice things. It was great to be surrounded by family and friends who already love Olivia. I wish I could post all the pictures of the great stuff I got but here is just a sample.

Vinay came at the end to help load up the car. The picture board in the back was done by my sister-in-law and Vinay's Mom. Thanks guys it came out great. The decorations in the back of us, was done by my family. Thanks Auntie, Kristin, and Marley. It looked great.
I got this great little chair from Vinay's family. I can't wait for liv to sit in it
This is me opening Olivia's own air purifier. Everyone who knows me knows that I can't sleep without mine. I even bring it with me when I'm away. It's been to Paris, California, Mexico, and yes Guatemala. Olivia went right to sleep every night I turned it on. Now she has her own.

My Aunt Pat made the favors. It was a bookmark with Olivia's picture on it and the saying "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, Regardless of time, place, or circumstance, The thread my stretch or tangle, but never break" On the back of the bookmark was a red string which we asked that everyone put on their wrist and wear it until Olivia comes home. Just a little symbol that we are all thinking of her and praying that she comes home soon.
Thanks to everyone who was there and those who were there in spirit

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Holly G. said...

Oh My!!! I got goosebumps when I read what was on the bookmarks. You are glowing in the pictures. Hopefully our baby girls will be playing together soon.