Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's word "rápido"

"rÃpido"= quick

Things have been moving very quickly since we found out about getting out of PGN.

After PGN here are the steps

-Birthmother signs off for the last time

-A new birthcertificate is issued with her last name as ours.

-we are submitted to the US embassy for our visa

-A visa appointment is assigned to us at the embassy in the form of a pink slip.

-We travel to go to the embassy appointment and bring Liv home.

On Friday we got the call that Liv's birthmom had signed off and she already has a new birthcertificate. So she is legally ours already.

So next week we will be sumitted to the embassy and we wait for an appointment. The agency thinks we will travel either the week of the 9th or the week of the 16th.

I can't believe this part of the journey is almost over. I am so excited and running on adrenalin.

Next week will be spent preparing for her arrival.But it also will be spent resting. I am still recoving from the Mono, and on Thursday we found out Vinay now has it. So he is on house arrest and trying to recover as soon as possible.

One thing I will be doing next week is hunting for the perfect dress for her embassy appointment. It needs to be something really special. Any ideas where I can find something different?


Alleen said...

I know that running on adrenaline feeling well! I'm sorry that you've both had to deal with being sick. But, thank goodness it's now and not while you're in Guatemala or right after getting home. I hope by the time you travel you're both feeling better.

I found Gabriella's Embassy dress in a consignment store.
It was only $5!! They have some really cute frilly dresses for next to nothing. The pic is at:

I will say though that she was the only baby there that was dressed up. I was quite surprised. But, then again, you can't bring a camera, so maybe that's why.

ginger said...

I am so happy for you. I am praying for a quick PICK!! You will find the perfect dress for you little angel.


Anonymous said...

hey nik...
it is so great that the process is moving so quickly for you guys now, after it had been so slow for so long. we hope that you and vinay have a speedy recovery:) please let us know if you need anything!
jamie, jay, aidan and connor

saragraffa said...

Clothes, my specialty... Janie and Jack in Short Hills Mall or take a trip to Summit, and go to Jacardi. See this is why I need to open a store.

Anonymous said...

First of all Congratulations.... your head will be spinning for a while. I hope you both recover quickly.

I know the embassy appointment is a very special, but I wouldn't spend a fortune on anything. 1, I'm sure it will be very crowded and the room there is very small and not a lot of seats and you might have to feed her, I know chase was not a neat eater.... or I wasn't a neat feeder yet... I would save the special dress for the trip home if anything.. I put Chase in his "flsg" outfit when we got back to the hotel and he wore it all day... people just knew he was now an American
Have a safe trip and hope you get pink quickly enjoy the moments