Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's word "nueve "

"nueve " = nine, unfortunately another week has gone by with no news.
Hope everyone enjoyed Vinay's blog yesterday, he was quite nervous, and upon completion, he said, "this is hard, how do you do this everyday". Perhaps it's the English Major in me, but I find it therapeutic.
So Vinay had a rough 2 days. To say he is not handy is an understatement. This wonderful, smart, personable man, has been know to really have some mishaps when trying to do manual labor. Need I remind everyone that he has been known to mow the lawn backwards, install door locks so that we can lock the robbers in the house, and put together tables with the wrong legs. I could go on and on.
I will tell you one funny story about the last 2 days.
On Wednesday I come home to a house in complete chaos. Dust and carpet remnants everywhere. In the middle of this on the floor I see my good crystal water pitcher. The one I only use for guests, and special occasions. Ok I make sangria in it but it's a good piece. I say "Vinay why are you using this pitcher?" "I was giving the installers some water" was his answer. Now I like to treat people nice but do we really need to serve them with my crystal. I told Vinay to never touch the pitcher again and I hid it so he could never find it. I also informed him where the plastic pitcher was.
On Thursday I come home and can you guess what Vinay was serving water in ? He was using my tea pot. All I could do was laugh.
Well this weekend we have a busy schedule. We are picking up Liv's crib and furniture. We also have our baptism class on Saturday.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!
PS Sara, thanks for reminding me of that bet, I forgot. Now Vinay will have to make it up to me.

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Alleen said...

Definitely sounds like something my DH would do! We have lots of old towels around, but inevitably, it's the good ones I find in the garage with nastiness all over them. Sigh.... We love them anyway!