Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today's word "loco"

"Loco"= crazy
Yes I think I am finally going a bit crazy. I use to daydream about where I would be when I get the call. I would think about bringing her home, her first party, what she will be for Halloween. But lately I've been in a really pissy mood. To frustrated to think happy thoughts. Lately I've been daydreaming about breaking into the building where Olivia's file is held. Crazy right! I think about how Vinay could lower me into the building, like they did to Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible". I would sneak from room to room looking for the file. Suddenly I'd be able to crack security codes and read Spanish. Then I would find the file, as someone must be using it as a coaster or a paper weight, forge the directors signature and leave it at the front office window. So when My lawyer goes to the window the next day and askes if any of her cases had come out. They would wonder where this one came from and say "oh here this one is ready, call the parents". Of course as a law abiding American I would never do anything like that, but I can dream right.

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ginger said...

What a great word for me today. I really enjoy your daily words. Keep it up.