Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today's word "cumpleaños"

"cumpleaños"= birthday
Happy 4 month cumpleaños Olivia. Yes 4 moths ago my little Liv was born. I often wonder what that day was like in Guatemala. I also wish I could remember what I was doing that day. But at least I know next year on that date we will all be together as a family.
Tomorrow I return to work, and my summer of discontent is over. I am happy to know that I will no longer be waiting by the phone, I'll be busy, but I'm also anxious that I won't be sitting by the phone, what if I miss the call. Vinay however is off this week, the carpet is being put down tomorrow. So he gets to take over the sitting home and waiting. Vinay also wants to take over as a guest blogger for a few days, I said we'll see if I'm too busy to blog maybe I'll let him.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 4 month birthday Olivia! We're always thinking of you!

PS--Vinay's guest appearance as a "blogger" should be interesting!

Janet T.