Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today's word "trabajar"

trabajar = work
Today while I was at work they started putting down the carpet. Instead of just doing Liv's room and playroom we decided to do the whole house. Well Vinay called me and said the house was in an uproar. Well when I came home it was a mess and Vinay was working with the installers. No not installing the carpet, but helping them put things back and clean up. So maybe tomorrow Vinay will blog, but I have a feeling he'll be busy finishing with the carpet people.
When I got home Vinay said, "I really thought we would get the call today". This is the first time he ever said that. My response " I know I think that everyday." It's so hard to sit home and wait, and I feel for Vinay who will be stuck in the house till the carpet is done.

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Anonymous said...

well, at least I can rest easy knowing Toys R Us will put liv's bike together one day and not Vinay.....wouldn't want the handle bars to be on the other end...ha ha

great blogging vinay!