Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today's word OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes we are OUT of PGN.
Thank God Olivia is coming home.
I will post more information tomorrow on the next steps.
Our agency called at about 6:30 tonight, I still can't believe it. I can't believe how luck we are to be her parents.
Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who prayed so hard for us, everyone who has kept us in their thoughts, and everyone who has supported us along the way.


Anonymous said...

Just think you and Vinay will go back to Guatamala as a couple and come back as a family! I can't wait to hold Olivia and see her smile in person!!!! Yay! We're so excited to celebrate with you.
Love, Aunt Chris, Mike and Emily

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! We can't wait to finally meet Olivia! YEAH!!!!!

Janet, Scott, Evan & Alex

Holly G. said...


Gia and I are ready to come over and play!!!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! what a great gift for you and vinay. you are in our prayers and we can't wait to meet her!
jamie, jay and the boys

Anonymous said...

It's great news!!! Congratulations!!!! Olivia we cant' wait to meet you.. We are so excited for you guys!!! Olivia i cant' wait to hold you in my arms!!! Love you all!!! Aunt Jenene & Unlce John!!!!

ginger said...

Congratulations Nikki!!! I know that you can't wait to get Olivia in your arms forever.


Alleen said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy to see this!!! Here's to a speedy pink.

saragraffa said...

We are so excited. You and Vinay are already awesome parents and Olivia is going to have such a wonderful life. We def. need a celebration!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the big news!! I sure can relate to how excited you must be! Love Bene's mom

Anonymous said...

Vinay and Nicole, Ben and I just heard the great news. We have been praying for you guys from afar! Jenene has kept us posted. We are so happy for you guys. Can't wait to meet her!! Ben, Mary, Ally, Steph & Catherine

Anonymous said...

Nicole and Vinay, Ben and I are so happy for you guys. We have been praying for you all from afar! Jenene has kept us posted. We can't wait to meet Olivia. Ben, Mary, Ally, Steph and Catherine