Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's word "aguja "

aguja = needle
So I am finally feeling better this week. Unfortunately Vinay thinks he might now have Mono. He went for bloodwork yesterday. We should get the results by tomorrow. I'll feel really bad if he did catch it from me.
So I never let everyone know how the acupuncture went. It wasn't that bad. I don't really have a problem with needles so it didn't bother me. The DR found my pressure points and diagnosed me, saying my low immune system was because of my nerves. No really. So he put the needles, 2 in each foot. 2 in each arm, 2 in my stomach, and 2 in each earlobe. Then I just lay there in a dim room with some spa music for about 20 minutes. It was very relaxing and I did sleep like a baby that night. I go back again Friday.
I am still waiting to hear from the agency, concerning the exact date we reentered PGN.

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