Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's word is "vacaciones"

vacaciones = vacation

Since Nicole started work this week and I am on my vacaciones I decided to guest blog. This week has been very interesting, vacation is time spent away from work for a little rest and relaxation but it has been the complete opposite. As Nicole mentioned in yesterday's blog we have decided to carpet our house. I have spent much of the week in the kitchen as the rest of the house has been occupied by the people installing the carpet. I will give you a break down of my last two days for your entertainment:

Wednesday morning Nicole leaves for work at about 7:00 am the installers are supposed to show up at about 7:30 they show up at 9:00. I quickly set up shop in the only room that is not getting carpeted which is the kitchen. Three people show up and I ask myself how in the world will these guys rip up the old carpet and put down the new carpet in two days. What I was not aware of was that they were supposed to have a fourth worker that could not make it... Me being the "team player" that I am offer my assistance.. For those of you who know me I am not the handiest person in the world actually I would probably categorize myself as the least handiest person in the world.

So guess who ends up being the 4th worker for two days.... This is where the fun begins!! I began helping them at about 9:30 by about 9:45 I think they realized the skill level that they were dealing with.. I went from helping them on some important tasks to getting demoted to doing the grunt work moving the furniture, taking apart the bed (with supervision ofcourse) etc.. At about noon I was ready for a lunch break/siesta unfortunately that wasn't in the cards.. With most of the rooms cleared out I took a step back and looked at the house which at the time was a complete disaster and most likely a fire hazard as we had put much of the furniture in the hallways, kitchen, etc.. My "new boss" finally gave the rest of the workers a well deserved break!! At this point I need to get out of working for the rest of the afternoon I log onto my computer thinking that this would buy me some time I was sadly mistaken.. It was now time to put the furniture back into the rooms... Needless to say by the time Nicole got back from work I was exhausted and not looking forward to day two... That evening we finally got sometime to relax and watch some TV but "someone" did not hook up the TV's right all we had was fuzz....I will leave it up to your imagination of how long it took us to re-hook up the TV's but for a period of time we only had sound but no picture... To tell you the truth it is not to bad listening to your favorite TV shows...

My last two days reminds me of a mastercard commercial

Carpet - $3500.00

Padding - $1500.00

Installation - $1000.00

Lunch for two days - $50.00

Having Vinay as your 4th worker - priceless

There are some things that money can't buy for everything else there is mastercard...

On a serious note, I would like to thank all of you for your support during this very exciting time. We are truly fortunate to have such great family & friends!! We are keeping our fingers crossed & praying that we get to bring Olivia home soon!!

Vinay (guest blogger)


Holly G. said...

Hey Vinay,

Good job with the blogging....and helping with the installation. If my husband would have been there you would have ended up with carpeted walls:) Hope to see you guys soon, with little Olivia in tow.


Anonymous said...

vinay, you had me rolling on the floor in laughter-and for an old lady like me that is not easy! Gee didnt De Paul teach you how to put down carpet and all sorts of handy dandy stuff!Could have used BVL's expertise! Have a fun rest of vacation and mucho prayers for the big call or email to come!!Now what have you cooked for your darling wife tonight!!! Hum Mama Saglibene

saragraffa said...

I recall some bet that was made with you moving the furniture around the house... so as I see it, you were just holding true to that bet! Dennis and I are eagerly awaiting little Liv (as Dennis has decided he will call her). We are always thinking of you guy. Love, Sara

Alleen said...

Loved the post Vinay! You should guest blog more often!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that i ever laughed so hard!!! I wish i could have been there to witness all this!!! Liv we are thinking of you all the time!!! We can't wait to have you home!!! Vinay and Nik, you are two strong people... We are thinking of you all the time!!! Love GIGI