Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today's word "televisión"

television= television
Well I have been resting up and pumping myself full of vitamins. Tomorrow I'm even going for an acupunture treatment. My chiropractors office does it and I'm going to give it a try. I figure having both the shingles and mono in the last 6 months is just not normal. So I'm giving alternative medicine a try. Let me tell you this little hiatus could not have come at a better time, with premier television week. Just for fun I thought I'd rate my picks for this season.
Survivor- The teams are split up by ethnicity this time. To me it's still the same old show.

Till Death- Brad Garrets new sitcom. I was excited for this show because I like him. I didn't find it very funny. Not a keeper for me.

The Biggest Looser- I really like this show when they do couples against eachother, but it didn't hold my interest last night. I might give it another try next week.

Dancing with the stars- I really like this show. I'd watch it just for Mario Lopez. Come on you know you had a crush on him in Saved by the bell. I love the dances. I only watch the end of the results show on Wednesdays, too much fluff.

Now I'm really excited for tonight's premier of Gray's Anatomy. I thought last season was excellent and although it's far from reality it always manages to make me cry. The previews make you think that Meredith is going to choose either McDreamy, or Vet, but I know it will take at least half the season to get her to make a decision.
Also tonight is The office, which I love so we will TiVo that and watch it after Gray's

The last show I'm looking forward to is Desperate Housewives. I was disappointed with last season but I will still stay faithful. Hey it's better than watching football right.

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