Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Today's word "correo"

"correo"=mail On Monday my agency always emails me updates. Eventhough there are no updates to my case. Just the same information. Case was submitted to PGN 7/7/06 No word yet. Next week the director of the agency will be down in Guatemala, checking on the babies, taking videos and pictures. I asked that they check on Olivia's diaper rash. The poor little girl had a baboon butt when she came to us but I cleared it up with A&D cream and left it with her foster mom. Here is how the rest of the email went. Dear Agency, Sounds like you had a great weekend. Since the director is going next week, could you ask her to just check on Olivia's diaper rash. It was bad in June when we went, I think I had discussed it with you back then. Also not sure if you heard back about our visit request if we get a kick out, but I'd like to request to just go see her September 28-Oct 2. I really can't wait any longer, and with no end in site to the pGn wait I just need to go. My birthday is Sept 22 and my family offered to to send me as a gift. Please beg them to let me go. Thanks so much and have a great week.
I'm not sure what the answer will be, actually I didn't even discuss it w/ Vinay. I just sent the email. Yesterday my Mom asked what I wanted for my birthday, my answer, Olivia. So at least I will be able to see her again. I'm sure the wait will be that much harder when I come home, but my secret wish is that we book the ticket, and we get the call, and I can either reschedual the ticket or go and just stay there till she can come home. We'll see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

good luck with the response-- it would be such a great b-day gift for you to be able to be with olivia. i am praying they come back and say yes for you!