Monday, October 02, 2006

Today's word "poema"

poema= poem

Here is a poem I found on another blog. I think it really describes how these past few months have been.

The sickness I did not suffer.
The weight I did not gain.
The maternity clothes I did not wear.
My body felt no pain.
I wasn’t there at your birth
For we were worlds apart
You may not have been of my womb
But I was pregnant, I was pregnant in my heart

I really want to keep this blog going once Olivia comes home, however I think I would like to pass on my spanish word of the day. It has helped me to get a feel for the language, and it's been fun. But I think I would like to start learning Spanish along with Liv, maybe getting some kids tapes. So to all my blog friends please let me know if you would like to takeover once Liv comes home.

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