Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just playing at home

I am happy to report Liv is setteling in nicely at home. It is hard to catch a smile on film, since she is sneaky with her smiles. She tends to smile after you are done doing something silly. If I lay down on the floor next to her and pretend to sleep, she thinks that is hilarious. In the pictures you can see all the drool on her chin. That tooth should break through any day now.
Today Vinay took Liv into work, she was such a good girl Thank goodness because he didn't even carry in the diaper bag. Vinay has requested his own diaper bag, since he says mine is too girly. So I'll have to go out and buy a manly one for him.
Tomorrow we have our first DR appt. for Liv. I'll try to remember to take more pictures, I tend to get so caught up in her that I forget.


The McKenzie Crew said...

She looks like she knows she belongs there~It is incredible how these precious babies just KNOW we are their family:) I hope you get a glowing report at the doctor:0 Be sure to share the stats with us - She is so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

nice binky!


Alleen said...

She's just precious and sounds like she fits in like she's always been there.

Holly G. said...

It's so nice to see you guys home. I'm sure we will be seeing you soon. We owe you a dinner.