Saturday, October 07, 2006

Today's word "príncipe"

príncipe= prince
Yes our little prince has less than a week to be the only baby in the house.
Here he is wearing the crown my Mom bought for Liv.
I am really hoping he likes Olivia and that she likes him too. Parker is very gentel with kids but when he realizes that Liv is here to stay I think he will be jealous.
We can only hope they will be friends!!!!!!!


Holly G. said...

If he posed for that picture for you, I'm sure he will be able to handle a new baby in the house...for good.

Tricia said...

What an adorable picture!!!! I love it!! Can't wait until you have your princess in your arms!!!

Anonymous said...

If Parker ever gets bored, he can always come over and sit with Bailey and stare at us playing on the carpet through the kitchen gate. Ha!
Bailey seems to have mastered this skill now that Emily is here. He'll be jealous at first, but once Liv gets a hold of him, he'll starve for her attention more than yours after a while.

Alleen said...

That's just too funny for words!!

ginger said...

That is so funny. Thanks, I needed a laugh.