Saturday, October 14, 2006

Enjoying our girl

The first picture was taken today beofe we went to the pool. Here is our picture before the embassy appt. Yesterday we went to the embassy, and everything went great. Olivia is such a dream. She only gets fussy when she is tired, other than that she enjoyes being in her stroller, playing with her toys, and rolling over. She is catapulting herself all over the place. We are having so much fun just enjoying being with her. Today we spent most of the day by the pool, and Liv went in the pool.

2 funny stories for you. The first night we put Olivia to bed and we were getting ready ourselves when Vinay goes in his bag and says' Oh no. I forgot my contact stuff again" Yes I even went out and bought him a bottel especially for this trip and he forgot it. Too funny

Second story. The morning of the embassy we had 2 clocks set for the moring and a wake up call. The alarms went off we got up, got ready, and headed downstairs to wait for our ride. Our ride is late, Then we see another couple who's appt. is an hour before ours. We said wait a minute what time is it. Yes we were an hour early. The clocks in Guatemala had their time change last week so they are 2 hours behind us not 1. Poor Olivia was awake an hour early because her parents are idiots.
I will try to post more pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

she is beautiful and you guys look so happy. glad to hear everything is going well in guatemala:) can't wait to see her in person!

les said...

OHHHHH She is soooo cute and sooo happy!!! Her mommy and daddy look very happy too! Have a wonderful trip home to New Jersey. Love Benes Mom

ginger said...

Beautiful family!!!

Anonymous said...

all of us had a rough night (to be explained) at Homecoming tonight. I was happy to come home and see your blog. despite the fact that it is 2am. I'm happy that you're happy. cya soon. chris

Alleen said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!!! You all look so happy to be together forever. Glowing, I say, glowing.

The McKenzie Crew said...

What a beautiful family you have! Congratulations and hurry up and bring that baby home:):)


Angel said...

Congrats!!! Well at least you weren't an hour late I guess! :0)We should have pink in a week or two so it's so exciting now to read about the pick up trip. I'm so happy for you. Angel