Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Today's word "mañana"

mañana= tomorrow
"Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you tomorrow, your only a day away." A little number from "Annie" for you. To think that all those months ago, 10 to be exact, Vinay and I were laying in bed, discussing if we should go forward and adopt. Now here we are the night before we are to pick up our daughter. I can't believe it. It really all feels like a dream. To think that someone will call out Mommy, and it will be me. I am so thankful for this opportunity in my life.
Ready or not here we come Liv.
I hope to blog from Guatemala. I will try to post pictures too.
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes for this trip. It means so much to have everyone cheering us on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

adios, amigos! enjoy every moment with Olivia. You'll want to remember everything about this trip, so relax and take it slow. These are moments for you and Vinay to share that no matter how many times you tell them to friends and family, they'll never quite be the same. cya when you get home, love, chris

Holly G. said...

I got the chills reading your post....we are so happy for you guys. Gia is looking forward to seeing Olivia again, too.

I know you guys will enjoy every moment.

ginger said...

Have a great trip. Can't wait to see the pics.

Alleen said...

Have the trip of a lifetime! Like Chris said, relax and take it slow so you can remember every detail of this life-changing time.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and enjoy this time togheter as a FAMILY!!!! We are all thinking of you guys!!! See you when you get home.. LIV you ready for Aunt Jenene- Mommy and Daddy better be prepping you with all my questions!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

les saglibene said...

Wow, the wait is almost over-she'll be in your arms in no time. Bet she cant wait too!! Love and prayers to you both as your Nyack family becomes a reality!! Love Benes mom and dad who really relate to your excitment!!What's the saying been there, done that!! You'll always remember this time in your life!!