Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today's word "silla"

I am happy to report the bouncy chair was put together with no problem. Vinay read the directions, and finished the chair in about 1/2 hour. It is sturdy and I can't wait for Liv to sit in something her Daddy built all on his own.
In one week we will have our little baby with us and we will finally be a family. I can't wait!!!!!!


Holly G. said...

Hey, our girls match, Gia has that chair, too. I don't want to make Viany feel bad so I won't post how long it took me, a girl, to put it together:) HAHA!!! Just kidding. Actually, I'm surprised that Gia's hasn't collapsed yet.

Yippiee!!! I can't wait to see Olivia again.


Anonymous said...

you guys were a family way before you got your embassy appointment!

Alleen said...

The bouncy chair in front of Baby Einstein can work wonders with a fussy baby!

Anonymous said...

let me know how long it takes before you actually decide to let her go from your arms into the bouncy seat! Get those bicep curls in now!