Friday, October 20, 2006

1st trip to the doctor

Doesn't she look huge in this picture. Well she's not, it just that she is all bundeled up to go out in the rainy windy weather.
The Dr went well, she now weighs 14 pounds, and she is 24 inches, so she is our little munchkin. She was such a good girl at her appt. happy and content, and luckly she was up to date on her vaccinations so no shots.
Tomorrow I start swiching over her forumla, and in about a week she can start on some cereal.
As per my friend Kwis's comment on my last post. Yes she has been having a pacifier a few times. I really try to not give it, but yesterday I wanted to take her for a walk, and the last 2 times I took her in her stroller she hated, Like I had to turn aroung and carry her back. Which is strange since she loved her stroller at the hotel. So I gave her the pacifier and she was nice and calm and enjoyed the walk. I have always been anti pacifier, and since she never had one with her foster mother I didn't want to start it, but once again I am breaking the mommy rules I set up for myself. Oh well she's the boss now.
Happy weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!


ginger said...

She is so cute bundle up in that suit.


Anonymous said...

she won't be going to high school with a binky, so who cares. do what you gotta do. I thought Emily was the next Maggie Simpson for a while there, but she broke out of that with no problem.

Alleen said...

You definitely have to do whatever keeps them calm. Gabriella won't have anything to do with one and believe me, sometimes I wish she would take it!

Anonymous said...

please, aidan is going to be 4 in december and he still sucks his thumb! don't worry about it...
she is beautiful-- glad to hear you got a good report at the doctor:)