Friday, June 01, 2007

Look who's walking, well almost!

This week Liv has made some great progress in walking. She now takes about 5-6 steps, and then drops to her knees. She still prefers crawling, but in the next week or two I think she will be a full fledged walker. Oh where did my little baby go!!!!!!!

"What you want me to stop playing my piano to walk?"
"Ok here get a close up of me walking"
"Ma quick get the camera for this action shot. Here I go walking to my walker"


Alleen said...

Go Liv!!!!!! Yep, you're right, she'll be walking in a week or so. It's exhausting I tell ya!

Bekah said...

She is so darn beautiful! She will exhaust you but it's oh so fun too!:)

ginger said...

You go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the action shot! No stopping her now she is on her way to a toddler! Enjoy her, she is a cutie. bene's mom Les

A Special Family said...

Looks like she is sooooo close!!!

Love the top :)

Our Adoption Process said...

So cute. She will be running soon, watch out!

Maya has the same pink shirt, so cute!


The McKenzie Crew said...

gorgeous girly:)