Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shower details

Well my sister-in-laws shower went very good. The fact that the shower is already done, signals the arrival of all the wedding festivities to come. In July we have the bachlorette party and in August is the wedding.
Vaish is having 2 ceremonies like Vinay and I did. 1 Indian and 1 catholic, what does that equal, a whole weekend of fun. Since Vinay and I are the closest married couple to Vaishu, we are actually doing all the parts of the Indian ceremony for her. The actual giving her away. I don't remember what exactly was done during our wedding so I hope the priest can give us a crash course before the actual event. And since I'm the matron of honor for the catholic ceremony, that means busy busy me for the next few months.

Well here's pictures of the shower

Here is the basket I made for Vaish, her towels and some bath stuff
Here is the favor I made. It's a dish cloth, and i just rolled it, tied it w/ a bow and put a charm on it.
How cute is this bride to be. I just love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Here we played the question game, every time her answers didn't match Jakes, she had to chew a piece of gum. By the end she had about 6 pieces in her mouth. too funny.
All the brides maids, and Vaish in her bow hat.
Of course Liv had to come at the end and show her cute self. She was at a birthday party w/ Daddy so she was so tired.
Opening the gifts.

Me, Vaish and her Mom.

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Looks like a blast!!!