Monday, June 04, 2007

Liv at the beach

This weekend we took Liv to the beach house for the first time. Vinay went down earlier, He had a few things left to build, things went much better this weekend, he built the TV stand in record time. Liv and I got down on Saturday afternoon. I was nervous having Liv sleep somewhere other than home, she's only slept at her grandma's a few times. But she was good she only cried for a little while, and then slept good in her pack and play. Of course it was me who couldn't sleep worrying that she wouldn't sleep. Will I ever stop worry about everything?

On the beach, Liv loves to hand you the sand.
How nice is this picture.
Nicholas and his parents Janet and Nik came to visit Sunday. Too bad the weather was cloudy and we only had a few hours on the beach before it rained.
Liv and Nicholas have a snack. Liv kept stealing pretzels from Nicholas, This tiny girl can really give people a run for their money


ginger said...

The beach looks so nice. Olivia is too cute in the first pic.

Ellie Puls said...

I love the picture with Daddy.... They look PERFECT together!


Ellie Puls said...

HI Nikki!

Yep IN Manhattan... Staying in Crown Plaza in Time Square...

I don't have your email here... Send me an email with your addy or phone...

Working 9-5, and will be leaving Friday... Hope we can meet up for dinner or even a baby fix!!!!


Crystal said...

ooh Nikki you crack me up!!!--I love love love these pictures at the beach!!! They are beautiful!!! I am cracking up at the last one and Liv stealing his pretzels!! That is just too cute! :O)

I have to tell you how much I love her cute little top in the last post!!!!! It is so so so much fun dressing our little cuties!!!!!

The McKenzie Crew said...