Sunday, February 03, 2008

A quick Tag

Ellie tagged me and since she is in Guatemala picking up her little Angelo right now, I thought I should play along. So a hugh shout out to Ellie, Angelena, and Angelo on finally being a forever family!!!! Whoooo Hooooo

I've been TAGGED to share 7 strange/weird/unusual facts about myself! Luckily this has made the rounds so I shall not tag anyone else!HERE I GO:

1. I have never lived anywhere but in the state on NJ, and I have no desire to ever leave.

2. I hate to work out, and everytime I start a workout routine I get sick, so I've just given up.

3.Everyday I go back and forth about if we should adopt again.

4.For an English Major and former teacher I am a horrable speller!

5. I don't own that many pairs of shoes, I usually will find ones I like but if they look like they might hurt my feet, I won't buy them.

6. I was always self confident, untill I became a Mom, now I question myself constently and I am my own biggest critic. I am working on this one!!

7. I am in love with the cosmetic counter, but only if it's free gift time. I have hundreds of small bottels of various makeup in the house!!

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Carrie said...

I am so with you on the working out and the adopt again thing. I know we want to, but don't know if Savannah is ready and I know I am holding out in my heart to see what happens with Guatemala.