Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Vinay

Words cannot express how much I love you. You are such a wonderful husband, so caring, helpful, affectionate, and loving. You are also an amazing father. Liv and I are so lucky to have you.
So thank you Vinay...
For the happy yesterdays we've had,
the wonderful todays we're sharing,
and the sweet tomorrows on the way!


JuJu - said...

what a sweet post - you can feel the love you have for him

You know i think that is too cool:)

That is the greatest girl you can give that little angel of yours - loving her Daddy:)

You guys are awesome in my book:)


Becca said...

You are so lucky - as is he. That is a very sweet post.

Peace and Hugs,

Ellie said...

Oh how sweet...

Happy Birthday Vinny...

Your Girls Love you... !!!!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Vinay!

Nikki--that is so sweet. You don't find a lot of people that truly feel that way (we do)! I actually like my husband as well as love him. He is my best friend and we share everything. He is so good to us.

I LOVE the way Vinay is looking at Liv in that last photo. She is quite little. Awwww! Dad's and daughters get me all the time (cry).