Monday, February 18, 2008

Look what we found this weekend

That's right Miss Liv's smile is back. She is still having some nasty diapers, but no more fever and she is acting more like herself.
Oh please don't think I am this horrable Mother who never gets her kid out of PJ's. Liv's new thing is she does not want to get dressed in the morning. She will scream, cry and hold her hands inside of the arms. It's so bad that I can no longer put her in blanket sleepers because she will not let me take them off. So she has 2 pairs of 2 piece PJ's and she will let me change the bottoms but the top must stay on. Luckly it's winter so I just put her shirts over the PJ's, but by the end of the day she wants her shirt off so that she can see her PJ's top. I have decided to stop fighting this and just let her exert her independance. Let's just say I'm picking my battles. Ahhhh terrable two's here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daddy got Liv to smile this weekend.
And Won Ton soup got her to eat!!!!


Anonymous said...

so glad to hear that liv is feeling better! that stomach plague is terrible. by the way, my kids LOVE wow wow wubbzy- i know, the show is bizarre but for some reason they love it!

Bekah said...

thanks for always being so encouraging to me!!!

and no worries about the pj issue. my son did the exact same thing for a long time after he turned 2 and has finally grown out of it. we went everywhere in pjs which made me feel like a terrible mother but like you, i decided to pick my battles. some days it would make me laugh because i would say, 'benjamin, we have to put clothes on because we can't wear pjs all day.' to which he would respond, 'why?' to which i would say, 'i don't know why, i would rather wear my pjs all day too.'

Alleen said...

yikes... I hope I don't end up with that battle! But, you're right, not one worth battling.

I'm glad she's feeling better and hope she'll be 100% soon.

Sharon & Bill said...

I am glad Olivia is feeling better!!

I am dreading the terrible twos. Olivia already knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. I can't wait to see what is in store for us when she turns 2.

I guess it could be worse, at least she is not running around


Becca said...

I had to catch up on quite a few posts. Sounds like you guys have been pretty sick. I'm glad everyone seems to be on the mend and you found that beautiful smile again!

Peace and Hugs,

Carrie said...

There are worse things than wanting to stay in your pj's all day! How many days would we like to do that. Savannah is the oppostie. She is unzipping those pj's and lifting those tops up. She is very into taking off her own clothes now and putting them in the hamper. All toddler phases come and go and you are right to pick your battles wisely. Maybe it is because she has been sick. You are more comfy in pj's when you are sick.

I love the soup photo. That is so cute and she has great control with a big spoon.

We hope to catch up with you guys next time we are in NJ.