Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Major Malfunction

My camera is having major problems again, I think it might be because it fell in the toilet at Tylers birthday party on Saturday. I am so mad because I had some great pictures of the kids enjoying the party. Liv especially loved playing with the balloons.

I haven't been able to get to circut city to return the camera, because the plague, otherwise know as a massive stomach virus, hit the house Sunday night and we are just now recovering from it. All of us had it sooooo bad that we had to call my cousin Kate to come in and help. Thank God she even slept over so that I could rest last night. Luckly we are feeling better and hopefully we can get out of the house tomorrow and get a new camera.

Hope to post pictures by the end of the week!!


Kim said...

I'm sorry you guys haven't been feeling well. I think there is a lot of stuff going around right now!! Get better soon.

JuJu - said...

Hope you feel better soon:)