Monday, February 25, 2008

Cuteness with a side of attitude

Most people who know Liv never believe me when I tell them that Miss Liv has an attitude. She is such a sweet, quiet, and loving little girl to everyone. But she reserves the "tude" as we like to call it, for us. She can give a dirty look that will have you shakin in your shoes. In some aspect it might be good for her to have a little attitude, since she is so tiny she might need it as she grows up!!!

Sweet Liv
Finally I have some cute clothes on this girl, I feel like all winter she has been in sweats.
Oh how sweet!!!!
The look that says 'Watch out world I have a tude"
"Yea so I'm eating snow, What you looking at looking"


Kim said...

I think that's the best way to be - cute with a 'tude!! :)

Sharon & Bill said...

Very cute pictures!!!

Our girls also have an attitude in common. My Olivia can give looks as well and more. It must be the name. LOL


Angel said...

OH YEAH! They always save the good stuff for mom! :0) Angel

Carrie said...

I see she has given up her pj's for the red boots and skirt. How cute and I love her as a snow bunny--tude and all! They all have their sweet side and that attitude comes out!

Anonymous said...

Emily has a shifty eye that could make dogs tuck their tails between their legs and run off yelping.....ha ha gotta love these girls! Tiny should be a book. start writing it. we'll split the profits and escape to an island reaping all the benefits.


Alleen said...

oh yes, I can relate to the 'tude!!!!