Monday, August 18, 2008

Virus, stomach and computer

First and foremost thank you to everyone for their nice comments, emails, and calls. I know I am a big baby, and thanks for all the pep talks, you guys are fabulous

Yes we are infected.
My computer has had a virus since last week and McAfee does not want to get rid of it so I'm just living with it for now. I might have to ask for an early b-day present and get a new computer when I get home. This computer is old and Miss Liv took off a few of the keys, the enter and shift keys on the left side and the A, and I constantly eat while on the computer so there are crumbs stuck all in it, It's really a mess.

I think I also have a little stomach virus, up going to the bathroom all last night, and today my stomach is in pain. Not sure if it's something I ate or my nerves or a virus. So I'm just living with it for now also. I just hope Liv DOES NOT get it!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in awe of the donations that are coming in. Vinay's work each took a child's name and got them a gallon ziplock bag of goodies. My friends were in charge of getting needed things for the clinic Casa Angelina runs. Those have been coming in and wow everyone is just so generous. I didn't ask for donations on the blog because I knew that I would be overloaded with things and I would love for bloggers to concentrate on loading up Julia and

So I am officially starting to pack!!!

T minus 6 days and counting!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Healthy mind!!!! Healthy body Nic!
Dont worry - It will be an amazing experience! Keep yourself clear of any crazy thoughts
x, Vaish