Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Guest Blogger is Olivia!!!

So after much deliberation I have decided to allow Olivia to blog her perspective of the week with dad... She is not sure if she will be able to blog each day but promises to give a few updates during the week. So here Olivia is in her own words!!!

Day 1 with Dad:

Mommy left for her trip yesterday, daddy and I are so proud of her and know that she will put a smile on all the faces of the kids she meets at the orphanage. We miss her so much and are looking forward to her coming back at the end of the week.

This is longest mom has left me to watch dad, yeah I have done a few long weekends but this is the "real deal." Mom assured me that at 408 months dad is pretty self sufficient but has left me with some very strict instructions specifically around sleeping, eating , and bathing.

Today was a fun day, I was a little concerned when I woke up, dad looked a little tired and did not eat much for breakfast. It is a good thing that I taught myself how to get out of the crib so this way I can check up on him to make sure that he is not staying up to late. You should of seen the look on his face the first day I climbed out, after watching the gymnist during the Olympics I began practicing how to manuever myself out of the crib. If this was an Olympic sport I would most likely get the gold!! Now back to my day watching dad, mom said that it would be a good idea if I kept him busy so I decided to take him to the mall. He seemed like he was having a good time and I even convinced him to buy me a little toy (sorry mom I know you said not to take advantage of him but it really is to easy). While at the mall, all I kept thinking about was that he did not have breakfast so I took him to the Ruby Tuesday's. He really enjoys there mini burgers but I made sure that he orderd the salad bar as well, mommy always says make sure he gets enough vegetables. After the mall, I took him on his first play date!! He had a great time and I kept myself busy playing with my friend. After the playdate, he looked a bit tired, little did he know that I was probably more tired then him. Taking care of dad though very rewarding is a lot of work. For dinner we had some pasta, I figured carbs are good after our long day.

Well that is my recap of day 1 of watching dad, I can tell you that I am really enjoying the one on one time I am spending with him!! I look forward to sharing some more highlights of the week on my next post.

Yours truly,


Five more days till mom gets home!!


Tracey said...

Great work LIv! You are such a good daddy watcher!

Alleen said...

Thanks for the great commentary on your day Liv!!!!!

Carrie said...


I am glad you are taking such good care of your Daddy so your Mommy doesn't have to worry. You are the best!

Ellie said...


You are one of the best... Heck.. Didn't your mommy tell you... Daddy's are Push Overs... And they are so easy to watch, all you have to do is pretent to cry and they stick to you like glue, and do everything YOU want to do!

So, trust me when I say this... Look at daddy with your big brown eyes and say... SHOPPING~ It will work!

Everyone Love a Brown Eye Girl~ So have fun, and I can't wait to here what you end up with on your next daycare frinzy~

Angelena and Angelo~

PS... 1 more thing... I think it would be best if you hold off on the Gynastic stuff till mommy gets home... She will want to see you do it too~ And, if you keep doing it, Daddy's are Mr Fixit's and he may end up putting a cage over your crib~ Not in a bad way... But daddy's are VERY PROTECTIVE OF THIER GIRLS~ HEHEHE

Angel said...

TOO CUTE!! Keep up the good work girl. :0) Angel