Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update on Nik's Trip & a quick update from Olivia

I have been speaking with Nicole everyday. The trip is going well and they are getting a lot done at the orphanage. The trip however is somewhat bitter sweet because there is only so much the group can do in a week and even though she is excited to come home, it will be very emotional for her and her aunt to leave the kids.

She mentioned how well behaved the kids are and how much they appreciate things that we sometimes take for granted. Tommorrow they plan on giving out the gifts/donations that many of our friends gave to Nicole for the children. She promises to take alot of pictures so you all can see first hand the smile you put on these kids faces. I am sure that when Nicole gets back she will be able to provide more details as I am only able to provide you the cliff notes.

Olivia has a quick update of how her week is going with Dad:

Day 2 With Dad

Day two with dad was a little more challenging. I felt after day 1 Dad was getting a bit comfortable. So I decided to test his patience, I know it sounds a bit rough but it is what I like to call "tough love". It started first thing in the morning when I decided that I would not let him change me out of my pajamas. I have to admit I was pretty impressed he went for the usual bribe of giving me stickers (not today dad) you need to bring something a little more creative. Then he used a tactic I am sure he read in a book somewhere, he diverted my attention by letting me jump on the bed for a little bit and before I knew it I was in my clothes for the day.

Dad still has not eaten breakfast in the morning and I think he is losing some weight. I am not that concerned about this because mom says it wouldn't be bad if he lost a few pounds. I decided that I wasn't going to eat breakfast either, he looked a bit frustrated and tried some basic tricks. After a few failed attempts, he went for the old if I eat will you have something?? Mission accomplished I knew I would be able to get dad to eat breakfast!!

I figured that was enough "tough love" for the day. In addition, he started looking a bit flustered and I wanted to make sure that we had a good day together. We spent most of our time out and about and ended having ice cream with a few friends!!

This week has been a lot of fun and even though we both are missing mom terribly I am really enjoying my time with Dad!! Well only a few more days before mom gets home!!

Yours Truly,



Kim said...

Liv - I'm glad you aren't making things too easy on Dad. But, it sure sounds like he's doing a good job.

Angel said...

Love the update. Don't give him too much tough love!! Angel

JuJu - said...

So proud of ou guys !

Nikki for being so brave and going-

Dad for doing such a gerat job of making it without her-

and Liv for taking such good care of you daddy:)

Sending hugs all around:)

Alleen said...

Keep daddy on his toes Liv!!

Anonymous said...

Must be that great education you received at De Paul so many years ago that have you able to be DAD of THE WEEK!!! Don't feel bad if you are eventually exhausted -it is NORMAL dealing with a toddler! Love Bene's mom- Les and Sal too!Spring Hill, Fl.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Vin...finally got a chance to read this...where is the part where Akka came an played with Liv while you had dinner???
You did put her to bed though...I can't be the bad guy I am the akka