Sunday, June 01, 2008

On the Road, fun in the sun, and lots of pictures

Vinay has been traveling allot lately, just about every week. So Liv and I have been spending time at my Mom's. Then for memorial weekend we were down the shore. We are finally home and it is nice to not be living out of a suitcase. I feel like we have been on the run for weeks now. Luckily Vinay's travel schedule should slow down for the summer!!!
Here are some pictures from Memorial weekend at the Jersey shore.

Our Friends Vic and Tara, and their kids Ava and Luca spent the weekend with us, and of course we had to sing happy birthday to Liv one more time.
"Mommy can't we celebrate my birthday into June?"
Ready for the beach. Liv hates wearing a bathing suit, it was a fight to get one on her.
Bathing beauty
Dancing on the beach, as her Mommy and Daddy ate dinner. Just give this girl sand and she is happy for at least an hour.
Ava and Liv dancing on the deck.
Love the girls in their hats

Ava, Liv, and Tyler waiting to go on rides at the boardwalk.
Liv loves all rides especially the carousel.
Daddy took her on the Dumbo ride
Then we had ice cream.
This is Liv doing her new thing in this picture. She hold up her one finger and then she does the sign for more. Here she is asking for one more ice cream cone.


Alleen said...


Love that pic of her on the sand dune. Strike a pose!

Carrie said...

I miss the Jersey Shore. There is nothing like it. It is so unique. I really want to take Savannah to either Point Pleasant or all the way down to my favorite, Cape May.

Savannah and Liv like the same things--the merry go round and ice cream! Smart girls!

Glad you are having fun and that Vinay's schedule is calming down now.

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics of my little munchkin. Her hair getting long and she got a nice tan ofcourse...
:) Miss you guys and have to say especially my little niece. We had a good run for awhile..I will see you next weekend! xo catch up then