Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How much does it cost to help?

As we all know the American economy is in a slump, to put it nicely. On every news station we hear over and over how much gas is, how retail sales are down, unemployment is up. You basically have to live under a rock to not know we are in a recession. But yet as I look around I still see so much excess in our country. I still had to wait in a long line for my decaf vanilla latte. I could not find a parking spot at the mall the other day, so somebody must be shopping.

Yes our economy is bad however, how much are we really doing without. As people complain about the cost of everything from fuel to food, I still feel that we, as a country, have so much to give. And so much more than other poor countries.
So here is a list of ways to help for under 25 dollars. That's it the cost of 2 movie tickets and a soda and popcorn, can help those less fortunate than us.

1) Give someone a Kiva Gift Certificate.
Great for teachers gifts, graduation gifts, or even Father's Day. This is a Micro lending website that helps people in impoverished countries to achieve economic Independence.

2) Buy 2 bags of coffee from http://www.saintscoffee.com/products.html
This can make another great gift, or just enjoy it yourself at home and save gas not having to drive to get a coffee. Saints Coffee gives 1/3 of it's net profits to organizations that improve the life of orphans.

3) Buy a shirt from http://www.tinyrockstar.com/
Some really cool designs, buy one for your kids or for a birthday gift.
For every shirt you buy they will donate enough to feed an orphan for a month.

4) Bid on an item from this cool ebay seller http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZcraftforchina
100% of the money goes to supporting orphans in China.
The jewelery on here is really nice and all handmade.

5) Donate to http://www.malarianomore.org/
Donate a bed net for 10 dollars. You can donate in someones name and send them an e card.
This was featured on American Idol.

If anyone has any other ideas please chime in.


Crystal said...

Nikki--I LOVE this post and I sooo agree!!!!!!

Hey I am just catching up here --I have been a lousy lurker--I am sorry things are starting to slow down now and I have more time to blog-- Liv is getting so big and she is soooo cute!!!!! Are you guys excited about summer!!!!!! We are so excited!! I hope you are having a great week!!!

ps-I saw you are going on a mission trip --Nikki I am sooo excited for you!!! I can't wait to follow you on your journey!!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

This is a great idea. Love this post.