Monday, June 09, 2008

Heavy hearted

A few days ago I came across this blog
It is by a woman who runs an orphanage in Guatemala. I haven't heard too too much about what is happening to the now unadoptable children, but this woman's blog does tell some of what is going on.

An excerpt from May 26
Sat. a gringo man, who works with handicapped children, came by our house to speak with us. He said he comes across children all the time who are handicapped ; don't have parents who can deal with it and need a place to go. Some are at death's door from malnourishment. There is a big orphanage that used to take the kids, but they have reported they can take no more until someone dies. Plus even tho this orphanage is very clean and the kids are well fed, they are left in cribs for 22 hours a day.

Today, the Pensa Libre--the big newspaper for the country--had a one page article on how the children are being abandoned and there is no where for them to go. With adoptions ended many orphanages are closing and are refusing to take the children. It is causing major problems in the cities. Especially no one wants the newborns. They, btw, are my favorites.

I am willing to take any and all of these kids, but need money and supplies and volunteers.It breaks my heart to see the pictures in the paper of the firefighters holding the infants and toddlers that no one wants. Or to think about the handicapped kids in their cribs 22 hours a day or starving to death in a hammock behind their family's shack. My heart is so sorrowful as I write this because I know I am just one person who can only do so much.

An excerpt from Feb 16
We have heard that there are many abandoned babies in the hospitals now that adoptions have closed down in Guatemala. We verified this from several sources. Our social worker will be talking with some of the hospital social workers on Mon. The orphanages that used to take them won't any more as they can not make money off adoption. We have also heard stories that some of the smaller orphanages are turning their kids into the government as they can not afford to keep going.

Gee Hillary Clinton, think of what 212 Million Dollars could have done for these children, instead of waisting it on a bid for the democratic nomination, which you knew you were going to loose anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JuJu - said...

It is heart wrenching - that is why it is more important than ever to get involved and be a voice willing to speak above the crowd and make a difference there. I am so glad you are one of those people Nikki:)

looking forward to working with you over the years:)

Ellie said...


THanks for sharing! I think I will add something on my blog too~