Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And so it begins

We have been toying with the idea of potty training since May,She gone on the big potty a few times with success, but last week we finally got her potty and started serious training. I have to admit Liv was very excited at first to have her own potty. I've read a few books on potty training, and I think we are ready to go. Just wondering if anyone can offer up advice from the trenches?

I know Miss Liv will be very mad one day that I posted this picture!!!

Cuddled up after a bath!!!!
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Anonymous said...

I used to let Em run around nude when we were potty training, but that was a mistake because she peed in the kitchen a few times as a result. Keep livvy in a pull up or even better panties.... babies do not like to feel wet, so if she pees in her new panties, she'll start to figure out where she should really go. That worked much better and plus any potty video that Elmo has is a winner too. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

What a hoot that first picture is an sure to impress a future boyfriend!!!! Hang in with the potty training-when she is ready she will go-Nicky finally did #2 when he was almost 3 and half! On his own terms dispite video's, promise of treasures etc. Have a fun time, girls are ususaly faster at getting it down! Bene's Mom