Thursday, May 22, 2008


Olivia has such a special relationship with Vinay's Grandma and My Grandfather. She will always go right to them and pay attention to them.

Bappamam and Liv.
Pop and Liv on Liv's birthday. I have to say that my Grandfather has made a full recovery from his hip surgery. He is back to his old self. Although he will never be as independant as he was he is still doing things on his own, and I am so proud of how he recovered. Thank you to everyone who prayed for him. I know it was a big help in his recovery!!

Well we are off to the beach for the long weekend. Happy Memorial Day everyone.
Bring on Summer!!!!!!!!!

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Carrie said...

Your grandfather looks amazing. He has really bounced back. Thank goodness!

It is so special to see your child with people that have been so special to you and them forming their own relationship with them.