Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will she or won't she

Friday is the big day. Vaish's wedding is finally here. The whole weekend is packed and Olivia will be carted back and forth by my Mom to each event. Friday the Catholic wedding, Saturday the henna party and Sunday the Indian wedding. This way I can focus on Vaish and Liv can sleep in her own bed. So the big question is, will Liv walk down the isle? The fact that she will endure 3 hours of pictures before the ceremony even begins, I don't think she will. The one good thing is that I will walk down, while Vinay holds her, he is walking Vaish, and then he will let Liv go and I will be waiting at the alter for her. Hopefully she will come. Now carrying the basket is another question.

So place your bets now, Will Liv fulfill her flower girl duties?

Last week I let her practice with the utensil basket from the dishwasher, she did good with that
Last night we broke out the real basket. She threw some petals around and then wanted to be picked up.
Then she dumped the basket on her doll house.
Today she did a bit better at least she carried it around.


cm said...

Whatever she does, it will be adorable! Have a great time!


Alleen said...

If you're up at the altar, she will probably run for you. So, if that counts as fullfilling her duties, then I vote yeah, she make it down the aisle.

Alleen said...

Oh and BTW, I'm a wedding coordinator for my church and I've seen it ALL with the flower girls. You have to just go with the flow, that's for sure.

Sharon & Bill said...

Too Cute!!! She will be perfect whatever she does!!!