Friday, August 17, 2007

Was that her first word?

I guess you would consider Liv a late talker. She really isn't saying much, she uses more of her own made up sign language to convey to me what she wants. Unfortunately only I can understand what she is saying so it can be frustrating to Vinay and my Mom. I try not to stress about it, I just figure with her hearing Spanish the first 5 months of her life, and then switching to English, she will eventually catch on, and she'll talk when she's ready.

Well yesterday morning Liv and I were playing outside, she saw her carriage outside the garage and wanted to go for a ride. I agreed since I could see a person from a certain religious group who go door to door, a few houses down. Now I have nothing against any religious groups. However This particular group in always in my neighborhood, in fact my Mom just answered the door for them on Saturday. So here they are again before I've had a chance to throw out the last pamphlet. So Liv and I head out in the opposite direction.
After about a half hour I look down my street and see that he has passed my house and the coast is clear. So quickly I steer her carriage on the opposite side of the street and head for home. Of course just as Liv and I are about to pass him, Liv from across the street, says "hi" and waves. Now I can't get this girl to say "Momma" "yes" "no" Bye", let alone "hi" to anyone she knows, but a perfect stranger, she says "hi". Of course the man then had to cross the street and come talk to me. I just pretended I didn't speak English, smiled, took the pamphlet, and went on our way. So I guess Liv uttered her first word and we have one heck of a story to tell her when she is older.

Here's a dose of cuteness for the week!!!

This is the last time she'll wear this dress, it was a bit snug getting on and off.
Running around when we went to visit my Mom at work one night.
Lately I will do anything to get this girl to eat, including letting some friends join her in the highchair.
"Can you believe I said my first word this week and I'm leaving this hairbow in? How good am I?"


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great story!!! Love the pics.

Crystal said...

I love this story!!! "HI"!!!! How sweet!!!!!!!!!

Nikki--you are such a good momma --what a great idea --"friends" joining her for dinner!!! I love it!!!!!!! :O)

Kim said...

That cracks me up!!! What a friendly little girl you have!!!

Alleen said...

hahaha! I always said Gabriella would say kitty cat before mama and sure enough, she did. She only says that and dada. Harumph.....

The McKenzie Crew said...

that is too funny:):)

She is so beautiful Nikki:)


Carrie said...

Savannah says a lot of things, but hi isn't one of them and I am so surprised because I say hi to her all the time. Savannah is a late talker (to me, other people say she says a lot, but I had a whole vocabulary by this age) and I also relate it to hearing Spanish for so many months (even though I fostered her from the time she was 5 months, she still heard a lot of Spanish until she came home at almost 8 months).

I love the too small dress. Isn't it said to put it away when you LOVE it!

We have our eating challenges too--ha ha and will do anything to get her to sit and eat.

And, about NJ. We were born and raised in NJ. I grew up in Parsippany where my dad still is. My hubby grew up in Lawrenceville and we lived at Rutgers for 8 years (college and he went to med school at Robert Wood and I worked in Somerset). My in-laws now live in Jackson. We come to NJ every 4-6 weeks so maybe we could meet up!