Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blueberry beard

Once in a great while I will make my own puree of blueberries
First I smoosh some blueberries in a bowl
add some applesauce to make it more liquid
add a dash of Cinnamon, and stir
microwave for 1 minute
Let cool for 1 minute
Then I mix a little cooked Cream of wheat in and watch my Liv gobble it up

Olivia was helping to feed herself today, and this is what happened.
Can you tell I let her watch TV when she eats, I know, I know, It's a bad habit, but it makes it so much easier. Here she is zoning out watching "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends".
When I ask Olivia where is daddy, she points to the couch. Here is a demonstration.
Pure cuteness!!!!!


A Special Family said...

She is sooo sweet :)

Tricia said...

Ahhhh, Olivia is SO ADORABLE! What a beauty!!!!!! :)

Alleen said...

Hee hee.. I love that she points to the couch when asked where daddy is.

that blueberry concoction sounds YUMMMY!

Kim said...

I'll have to try that blueberry stuff with Alex. He LOVES blueberries!!! Such a cutie!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

she is just too darn cute:)

Carrie said...

I let Savannah watch TV while eating too. What else are they going to do while you are home alone and have to prepare and cut up food for them. Sometimes I find she eats better, because she is watching and eating and not analyzing every piece of food and throwing it on the floor if she doesn't like the way it looks.

That is so funny about the couch!!! Does Daddy spend a lot of time on there?

She is so pretty and growing up!