Saturday, August 25, 2007

One big playdate

After being stuck inside all week, because of rainy cold weather, we ended the week with a great playdate. Olivia had 8 friends over and their moms, and at one point it was complete chaos. But the kids all had so much fun, and Olivia loved playing with all those kids. I'm so glad we got to close out the summer with such a fun day.

Olivia was a little overwhelmed at first. she woke up from her nap to all these kids in the house, and they were playing with her toys!! After awhile she loosed up and she even shared a little. Here she is playing with Emily. Addison, in the front is thinking about taking the big step down to join them.
Tyler, loving on this pink bear. He is such a good boy he took a 2 hour nap in Liv's crib.

Liv and Addie dancing to some music.
Look at all the toys.
We went outside and the kids played in the pool and ran in the sprinkler. Just look at them go.
Liv and Nicholas wondering if there's any room in the pool for them.
Finally the girls relaxed with a piano sing along.


The McKenzie Crew said...

WOW - looks like so much fun:)

Anonymous said...

That obviously an imposter and not Tyler playing with a pink bear. I question the credibility of the photos here.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he has his father's feminine side!

Crystal said...

aaaawwww Nikki a house full of kids laughing and playing what could be better!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!

ps-- I love the blueberry beard in the last post--that is just the cutest!!!!!!!!!! :O)

Carrie said...

The kiddos are so cute playing together. I love the dancing one!