Thursday, August 09, 2007

Testing, growing, and it's wedding season

Well this weekend begins the offical wedding season in our house. We have weddings every weekend for the rest of this month, including Vaishu's which entails us all being involved. The wedding this weekend is in PA and has events on both friday and Saturday, so my Mom is coming to watch Miss Liv. As much as I don't want to leave my baby, I must say I need a little break. She has been testing me to no end lately. Usually she would listen for the most part if I told her no, but lately she just looks at me and smiles and continues to do what she is not suppos to. I finally have to go and physically remove her from the situation, after the third no, and hope that I can get her interested in something else. I know this is just the toddler stage, but boy it does wear you down.
This week Liv finally moved up a shoe size. For the longest time she was in a size 3 and she finally moved up to a 4. I now realize how big she has gotten. I can't wait for her 15 month appt to see how much she's grown.

Look at how long she looks in this picture. She will always be tiny, but she did have a growth spurt.
She looks like such a big girl in her jean shorts. Oh and her hair is getting so long too.
Finally our Indian outfits for Vaishu's wedding arrived from India. Last weekend we went up to Vinay's Moms to try them on. Luckly they fit so we are all set for the big day.
Both our outfits were made from the same fabric. Look at Liv showing off her little belly.
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Kim said...

It is exhausting, isn't it. That smile they give as they go on doing what they aren't supposed to....I don't know if I should laugh or cry!!

Love the saris!! So beautiful. That is the one thing I regret from my trip to India. I wish I would have bought one. I think the fabrics are just amazing.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

You 2 look so adorable in the Indian outfits.

Alleen said...

Wow, you two are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those outfits - beautiful.

Sadly, I never went through a phase where Gabriella listened to no. She started in with the defiance from day 1. It is EXHAUSTING. I lose my cool sometimes and then am so mad at myself.

The McKenzie Crew said...

Girl - I know how you feel - Cozumel was great:) No toddlers in the floor screaming over the fact that the word NO had been uttered!

You look great - can I please order a set of those ABS you have:)


Olivia is looking too much like a big girl:)

Can't wait till OCT!


Angel said...

WOW! What a pair of beauties!!! You two look awesome. Oh man... I remember the day I could have worn that outfit. It was definately pre-Kaitlyn. :0) You are a gorgeous pair. HUGS! Angel

Carrie said...

Hi Nikki,

I used to follow your blog too and your words of wisdom. I lost track of most when I started fostering and had very limited Internet access and then found a whole new bunch of friends after we came home and got reaquainted with those I "waited" with too.

So glad we found each other again. Liv is precious!!!! You too look beautiful together. You look happy like me to be a Mommy!

Savannah just went into a size 4 shoe too--about at month ago at 16 months. Tiny feet!

Can't wait to see you in Atlanta too and I will check in now that I found you again!!!