Sunday, April 01, 2007

Olivia meets Luca and 1 month till Liv is1 !!!!!!

Here is proud Daddy Victor, Liv's Godfather, with little Luca who is just a week old.
Olivia and Luca's big sister Ava. I overheard Olivia say "You mean they just brought him home and now you have to share your mommy and daddy! I'm not sure I want a little brother!"
Olivia and Ava cuddling on the couch, how cute!

Well it is already April, and we have ALLOT going on. I only have 1 month to plan Liv's big birthday bash. We wanted to do a huge party, tons of people, pony rides, the works. Well now that it is so close and I have done nothing to plan this. I suggested a nice small party w/ just our family. Vinay convinced me that we need to have a big party. So for the next month I will be planning the BIG BASH.
So if my blogging lapses, and I don't get to comment on other blogs to often, please forgive me. I'll be back when I get things under control.


The McKenzie Crew said...

Have fun party planning:):)
I think she would LOVE a baby brother- in the not so distant future:)Just MY opinion:):):)


Crystal said...

hey girlie!!!--I am catching up here!!! Don't worry about us--we will be here when you get back!!! I hope you are getting your rest!!! Our little lovie is getting up too!!! Starbucks is really helping me these days!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

luv the pics of all the next generation DePaul babies. Have fun party planning and hope she stays awake for the party! (grandma bene speaking from experience.)

Alleen said...

oooooh, can't wait to hear the details of the soiree!!!!!

ginger said...

Go plan that BIG BASH!!! Can't wait to hear the datails.

Kim said...

We've decided to do a small bash. I also don't have time to get anything else planned!! Can you believe that they are almost a year old?!?!?